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Bayursan, having Research and Development Team consising of mechanical engineers, constructor, draftsmen, industrial designer and electrical and other mechanical supervisory technicians, from 1992.

We got the followings as patents, usefull models, industrial registred products, trademarks and trade models especially in the crane industry.

Most of the findings are used in our products, some as standard some as optional. Here you will see some brief explanations about them. For more details, please contact us by e-mail or one of the tradional contact methods.

Patent No: TR 2001-00398Y
Developed wire rope guide and limiting mechanism for monorail and overhead cranes.

Because of this new mechanism, an extremely safety guidance of wire rope and relianca of the wire in its drum bed is assured, besides the highest and lowest positions of the hook can manually and easily be adjusted.


Patent No: TR 2001-00400Y
An elastic new touch-plan carrying system between trolleys and hoisting mechanism in monorails.

Because of this system in classic type of "MCR" Class Royal group of monorails, machines eventually can turn their direction toward the loads in between 30 degree of allowed angle (pws and mines 15 degree) in a plane perpendicular to railways. Thus, no extra bending or twisting action on rails or rubbing and breaking stresses on rope guidance and hoisting system occur.
Also because of this system, "MCR" type of monorail cranes can easily run on somehow bended and twisted rails much better than the other classic type of monorails.


Patent No: TR 2002-01824Y
A new progressed adjustment system both to rails and counter weight balancing of low head room "WCR" crane to its carrying monorails and balancing with counterweights is achieved in a few minutes consequently.

Besides these, "WCR" low head room type of monorail cranes having two trolley motors, their traction ability on rails are very much improved.


Patent No: TR 2002-002120Y
A new autoblockage safety braking system, particulary on monorail and overhead cranes, at the start of free fall of load.

For the sake of much more safety operations with cranes, this finding will be a great advantage to customers. Its take about 40 pages in patent file. Briefly, except the breaking of the wire rope, the mechanism catch the load in free-fall in about one second as a result of a probable broken gear or shaft or failure of electromagnetic brake or as a result of any electrical or mechanical cause.
The loads slides down mean while only 5 to 15 cm depending on rope reeving. "CR" Class Royal group of hoists are manufactured due to assambling these mechanism on.


Useful Model: Progress trolley car system and combinations. As a result of separate, asymetric, swingable, fast-mounted trolley cars the following advantages are;

  • Increased traction ability of crane on rails and the contact guaranty of all the wheels on rails without liming.
  • More stable whell loadings without skiding.
  • With assambling extra turning equipments cranes can turn even on very keen arc of rails.


Useful Model: Self adjusting suspended end carriages (trolleys) at single girder bridge cranes. The following advantages are;

  • Safety and smooth travelling of bridge even on small bended and twisted rails also.
  • The lenght of the suspended trolleys (end carriages) thus can be too small that the bridge can easily approach both ends of the hall.


Useful Model: The mounting of the fixed or sliding suspended I profile (type) rails for monorail cranes under concrete ceilings or joist, without any electrical welding. The following advantages are;

  • The lenght of the suspended trolleys (end carriages) thus can be too small that the bridge can easily approach both ends of the hall.
  • The cost of these type of bridges would be quite low for the sake of simplicity of little end carriages.
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