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 Overhead cranes with jointed sliding bridge (special project cranes) Bayursan produced 7 overhead cranes with capacities from 5 tons to 10 tons with jointed sliding bridges in 2008 as a part of first TÜBİTAK*(The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) project by which Bayursan was awarded. These cranes have the capability to get loads 4 m far from the buildings without getting any aid.

Also, by the application of this project, the cat trolley of one overhead crane with 16 tons capacity has the ability to move 4 m far from the building and get loads easily.

 Practical restoration and renewing of overhead cranes for time and money saving operations by Bayursan’s modular travelling wheel units.; Old and huge crane bodies can be restored and renewed with this system, even when they are on their runways, without taking them on the ground level now.

Bayursan performed such kind of operations for a lot of Turkish cranes, old Russian cranes in Romaine and Bulgaria last year. With this system all of the bridge cranes gained new technological advantages as soft start double travelling speeds and better aligning on runways with very competitive prices.

Bayursan applied modular travelling wheel units also for moving, sliding, scaffolding and travelling platforms, roofs on swimming pools, disco bars on top flours of buildings etc.

 New cutting systems of Overhead Crane Beams for easy transportation utilities by container trucks. For the lengths of crane main girders longer then 12m or 13.60m, Bayursan cut them while production by a new and practical system with bolts, nuts and additional welding plates.

 Bayursan as an expert crane exporting company of Turkey increased its number of exports up to twenty countries. As direct exports to the countries Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Cyprus, Israel, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. And as indirect exports to the countries Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

 Bayursan is enlarging its own working area and facilities up to 5000m2. Now more than 2000m2 of new working area, mostly consisting of welding and assembling for steel constructions, technical and management offices, and new showroom.

Bayursan increased the capacities of assembly and loading areas, by building two pieces of 10 tonnes capacity suspended overhead cranes, one piece 6,3 tonnes and one piece 16 tonnes double girders overhead cranes for its own installations.

 Bayursan will participate the international fairs in Syria and Greece and also the fair related to Iraq in 2006.

 Bayursan is directly and/or indirectly exporting to Libya, Cyprus, Greece, Syria, S.Arabia.

 Bayursan as a member of KOSGEB (A governmental foundation mostly giving financial supports to small and middle scaled manufacturing companies and aiding them for export) is rewarded as "A Class" for full support.

 Bayursan gave its "Strategical Road Map" report for 3 years to Kosgeb. (2005, 2006, 2007)

 Bayursan after solving its phsically needed site with its own new constructed building is tending to enlarge its manufacturing capacity with new CNC machines meanwhile with a new management organization.

* TÜBİTAK: The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey


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