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Our company is specialized in production of its own so called CR (Class Royal) series of technological wire rope hoists up to 63000 kg. capacity. These machines have a lot of considerable advanced features most of patented in Türkiye.

Mainly three types of hoisting groups consisting of six different sizes of series, so called CR (Class Royal) cranes.
Apart from these standard types Bayursan offer hoists and cats up to 120 tons of capacities for double girder and gantry cranes to customers as special.


These groups are designed mostly for heavy and extra heavy loads and special designs for super heavy lifting loads. "U Series" of lifting groups principally have twin-type of wire rope drums, so the hook always moves within the same vertical line dividing meanwhile the loading forces always equally to the main girders. This arrangement also gives the operator much more accurate control of loads in their operations.


All the units in these groups as electrical motors, gear boxes, bearings, breaks and wire rope drums are assembled in an horizontal plane on a cat chassis mostly with in a "U" shape.

The types of wire rope guides in these groups are principally springly pressed rotateing steel pipes on the wires when they lie in their groves. Top and bottom positions of the hooks are principally controlled by tour-limitors attached to drum shafts. Sometimes as an extra a top limiting switched mechanizms are put as option. In these groups principally 6x36 type of wire ropes are used.

The main connection between electrical motors and gear boxes elastic couplings are used in "U Series" of hoists. In these groups besides electrical magnetic disk brakes electro-hydraulic brakes or combined type of brakes can be used.

The cats in this group of hoists are principally modular and/or bogey type of end carriages having double travelling motors.

"U Series" of hoists are designed and manufactured according to Fem 2m or ISO M5 norms and can be selected up to Fem 4m or ISO M7 norms from our selection table.

Rope reeving programmes mostly are 2/2, 4/2, 8/2 and so-on for "U series" of hoists.