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CR (Class Royal) group of (mostly classic) MCR monorail electrical wire rope hoists have two individual trolley systems up to 16 tons of load carrying capacity. Due to the patented ability of trolley trucks, hoisting group can easily swing almost within an angle of 30 degree in a plane perpendicular to railways towards to loading position without giving any harmful damage or risk to the entire system.

  1. Trolley wheels thus do not try to bend the flanges, of I beams or bridge girders when loading.
  2. In every loading condition even on deformed flanges all wheels are assured to contact on
  3. Assembly or disassembly of the unit takes only a few minutes.

(In all types of standard hoists from 320 kg up to 63000 kg.).

  1. System is such a perfect that, steel wire ropes lie in their channels at any condition.
  2. Lowest and highest hook positions can easily be adjusted.
  3. Limiting mechanism is in electrical panel.
  4. No harmful damage will result on the hook limiting system when passing the lowest hook position due to over loading or worn off break linings.
  5. Due to alternative compression springs, the patented limiting system can also be used easily, at cranes at higher speeds, large drums and at larger steel wire rope diameters.
  6. Stiffer steel wire ropes such as nuflex types also can easily be used even at 1/1 reeving plan and at quite high hook heights.
  7. Assemble or disassemble, services and maintenance is very easy.
  8. System is standard for WCR type low head room monorail cranes, also for CCR type double girder cats and classic type of cats.



  1. In all CR (Class Royal) group of hoists the entire chassis, trolleys, hook block covers etc. are made of pressed sheet steel plates. So they are very robust and light weight.
  2. Since electrical arc welding is in minimum level almost no stress or deformation occurs on entire chassis and parts.
  3. Since bolts, nuts, rivets and pins are used in montage, assemble and disassemble is very easy and fast.
  4. All damaged and deformed pieces and blocks in anyway can easily be changed with originals immediately. But in electrical welded chassis and blocks this is not so easy and accurate.
  5. Gear box, electrical motor, electro magnetic brake are all at one side, but electrical panel at the other side of drum.
  6. 6 basic sizes available in various models with speeds, lifting heights and drive groups for a wide range applications.
  7. All standard CR (Class Royal) group of hoists are equipped with squirrel-caged electrical motors, thus selected according to DIN 40050, VDE 0530 and TSE 3067 and protection class IP 44 and IP 55, insulation class F.
  8. Standard 380V-3PH or 380/220V and voltage modifications 50Hz/60Hz.
  9. Optional overheat protection.
  10. All standard CR (Class Royal) group of hoists are equipped with electro magnetic brakes of 220V/380V and special 24V/DC and insulation class F.
  11. All gears are machined from high quality steel and hardened by induction or cementation methods.
  12. Rope drums are manufactured from C1040 steel pipes according to DIN 15020.
  13. All wheels in standard CR (Class Royal) hoists are of GGG 70 quality spheroidal cast iron.
  14. All standard MCR (Monorail type Class Royal) hoists are equipped with two trolleys, both motor driven at one site so called locomotive.
  15. According to technical needs and requirements three types of trolley combinations are possible.
           A- Both trolleys are vagonet.
           B- One is vagonet the other is locomotive.
           C- Both trolleys are locomotive. (Std.)
           1- Each locomotive type trolley can be one wheel driven. (Std.)
           2- Each locomotive type trolley can be two wheels driven.
           3- Both trolleys can be equipped with turning accessories.

    (C1 is standard combination two wheel driven (2x4))
    (C2 is optional combination four wheel driven (4x4))

    (B2 is optional combination two wheel driven (2x4))

    In all cases thus, we gain easier turning at curved I beams even at shorter radiuses.
  16. Better compressive wheel pressure distribution.
  17. Much better traction ability is achieved in loadings with C-2 optional type of trolley combination <even almost up to 20 degrees of inclination>
  18. A standard MCR electric wire rope hoist trolley combination is of C-1 type. The other combinations are optional or special.
  19. The pressure distribution on wheels at much higher hook lifts with much longer rope drums dramatically get worse.
  20. By changing the asymmetric trolley trucks combination, a better compressive force distribution on wheels again can be achieved at MCR (Monorail type Class Royal) groups.


Electrical Quality Features for "CE" Certificated Class-Royal "CR" Hoists:

  1. All the materials and equipments used are of "CE" certificated.
  2. Standard operating voltage is 380V / 50Hz / 3Ph / AC.
  3. Standard control voltage is 220V-DC. (Different specifications can also be considered)
  4. Electromagnetic brakes are equipped with special diode and triac circuits.
  5. Electromagnetic brakes can operate with instant or with delayed functions accordingly.
  6. Electromagnetic brakes can easily be adjusted manually.
  7. Electromagnetic brake pins and springs are cadmium coated and liquid sprayed for oxidizing and corrosion resistance.
  8. Different types of brakes provided for liftings and travellings for trolley and bridge movements accordingly.
  9. Brake linings are of asbestos free and long lasting types.
  10. Emergency stop to disconnect the machine from the system.
  11. Limit controls for lifting, lowering, cat and bridge movements.
  12. Special switch to cut-off the power, in case of testing and service conditions.
  13. Asymmetry control for phases.
  14. Isolation safety transformer to cut the feeding and control currents.
  15. Safety protection, against electrical active parts in machine and in control panels for direct or indirect contacts.
  16. Prevention to work opposite direction at the same time by means of electrical and mechanical protection.
  17. Thermo magnetic motor protection, for over loadings, over heatings and for over currents.
  18. Dust and water proof precautions against active parts.
  19. Control Panel IP65, Limit Switch IP65, Electrical Panel IP55, Electrical Motors IP55, Moving Light System IP65 (optional), Horn IP55 (optional)
  20. Protection against leak-current. (Machines earth connections should be fastened (connected) to customers earth connections.)
  21. Reliable EMC level applied.
  22. Speedy assembly and disassembly combinations. (Socket connections)
  23. Voice and light warning system (optional).
  24. Selection of leader trade-marks in their fields, (ie; Schneider, Siemens, Moeller, Tempa, Comegi, IRF, Legrand, Weidmüller, Leroy Somer, Elmot, Gamak, Bimed, Salflex, Agra Schlemmer, Telemecanique, etc.)
  25. Electrical assembly workman ship is first class.
  26. Load cell against overloading.
  27. Electronic digital load weights counter. (optional)
  28. Customer is responsible for its main electrical supply, ie; fuses, cables, earth connections, electrical panels, etc. Bayursan only give the capacity and type of fuses, specification of connection cables in its Operation and Service Manual.
  29. Types of motors, single speed, double speed, conical rotor, soft start etc. (optional)
  30. Termistor protection in windings of motor against overheating. (optional)
  31. Electronic motor control and protection system. Vectorel performance and EMC reliability. (optional)
  32. For the highest end lowest positions of the hook, the limiting mechanism can easly be adjusted manually and it is fully automatic. (patented)
  33. Limiting mechanism are in electrical panels.
  34. Extra manually adjustable so called top limit only for the highest position of the hook. (optional)
  35. Choice of push button, according to one speed, two speed or three speed options. (optional)
  36. Special fluid spray into electrical control panels, for non-oxidation of inside materials especially for the contactor tips.
  37. Standard electrical information, warning and caution labels and plates attached to suitable places of the cranes.
  38. Electrical circuit diagrams are under the cover of control panels.
  39. Push buttons cables are resistant against to bendings, strokes, defects or any other physical stresses to or for cut-off.
  40. Bayursan gives electrical note books and risk analyses diagrams to customers apart from Service Manuals and Test and Inspection Books. (download zip file)



  1. Surface fall in beams DIN 4114.
  2. Iron construction DIN 15018.
  3. Lateral bending in loaded beams DIN 4114.
  4. Lifting mechanism FEM 1BM.
  5. Rope drum and pulleys DIN 15020.
  6. Hook DIN 687.
  7. Hook block DIN 15401.
  8. Steel wire ropes DIN 3064, DIN 3069 and TSE 1918.
  9. Gears and counter pinions are dimensioned according to DIN 3960, wear and rupture failure are calculated according to Wissmann Cranz Rules.



  1. Otoblockage brake unit patented.
  2. Accessories (for turning curved beams) to trolleys.
  3. Four wheel drives (4x4) for MCR cranes.
  4. Electronic digital load weights counter.
  5. Moving light system.
  6. Horn.
  7. Voice and light warning system.
  8. Extra top limit.
  9. Emergency button.
  10. Electronic motor control system.
  11. Overheat termistor protection of electrical motors.
  12. Conical motors with conical brakes.
  13. Soft start motors.


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