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FEM Group Calculator

Higher the FEM group of a specific hoist doesn't mean heavier loading capacity but the ability for longer time of operation mode and much more subject to maximum loads and dynamic forces in its operation cycle. Thus the prices get higher for the higher FEM group hoists.

For testing the products, 10% dynamic and 25% static overloadings are applied to units in their tests regardless to their FEM groups.

For this reason for the hoist with "CE" certificate it is a must to have a load cell unit to quarantee not loading much more loads.

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Determining of FEM group of hoist Unit:
Load Spectrum:
Capacity (Q): kg. (click here for elevators)
Average Hook Path (H): m.
Lifting Speed (Vh): m/min.
Working Time Day (T): hour(s).
Number of Cycles/hour (n):
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